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  • West Australia (08) 6102 2819
  • South Australia(08) 7131 1198
  • Northern Territory(08) 8919 4644
  • sales@ontimeguardrail.com.au

Quality Assurance

Our mission is to supply and install quality assured guardrail on time for every single project we work on, our quality management system demands effective and timely responses from our management team in order to achieve customer satisfaction.


All materials supplied (eg guardrail, terminals, Thriebeam and Abraham Blocks) meet the appropriate Main Roads specifications and standards of each State authority.  Certificates of compliance to TMR specifications for materials are available at client request.

Project Management

Our multi-faceted quality management system ensures service delivery processes and all associated verification activities are detailed and monitored.  Inspection & Test Plans have been developed to indicate the requirement for quality records and to show where contract specific requirements for HOLD / WITNESS points are identified in the service delivery process.