Ingal MPR – Motorcycle Protection 

Installs onto existing vehicle restraint 

The Ingal Motorcyclist Protection Rail (Ingal MPR) reduces serious injury to motorcyclists and their passengers in off-road accidents.

Installed on existing vehicle restraint systems, Ingal Motorcyclist Protection Rail has a specially designed anchoring system that positions the guardrail at the correct height.

The barrier sits a uniform distance from the ground regardless of uneven terrain and height differences with the already installed barrier.

Traditional posts used on highway safety barriers like W Beams can pose a danger to errant motorcycles. The Ingal MPR’s under-riding rail is mounted on a spring bracket to absorb impact energy. The bracket also allows the motorcyclist rail to be raised to match varying road surface levels.



The motorcyclist rail can be assembled and raised without modifying the existing vehicle barrier system


More space between the system and the ground (60mm), allowing water drainage, snow clearance and cleaning of hard shoulders


The mounting bracket is symmetric, and therefore the same for both the right and left side of the carriageway.


Few components and ease of installation make the system very cost-effective.